How to make your own Ring Tone

Click here for instructions using Windows XP

Click here for instructions using for Windows Vista

make ringtones using Windows XP

Before you start here for your Windows XP system, I feel the need to inform you that the way of doing this for Windows Vista will also work for your system.
I only wrote both ways out because Windows XP automaticaly comes with a peice of software to get the job done; Vista said go f*ck yourself. The Vista method I am informing you of gets it done, but with more downloading. On the other side of the coin, that extra software download rocks. If you're kinda "iffy" with these new fangled computer boxes, stick with the XP method. I don't wanna hear about it later ;)-

First, you're gonna need the Quick Media Converter found @
last I checked, it was at version 3.5+. It's 100% free, just like all the other stuff I tend to find on the internet ;)-
Once you have the Quick Media Converter downloaded and installed, go ahead and open it up.
It might look a little confusing at first, but theres only a few things you need to do with it.

  • Make a copy of the .mp3 file that you want to cut up into a ring tone.
  • Drag the .mp3 copy into the media window of the Quick Media Converter.
  • on the top part of the media converter is a row of selections that your finished product will become. (.mp3, .mov,.mp4,.wav)
  • click on the music note icon. there you will find .wav ... select it, then select "convert" on the bottom
  • once you have your .wav of your favorite song, you use your ring tone maker. WHICH IS ALREADY ON YOUR PC!!!
    Sorry Mac users; I don't know how to help you. Go make a home movie or something.

    Here we go. The Windows XP Operating system has what you need for this task. Follow the instructions below:
  • open "start" button
  • select "all programs"
  • select "accessories"
  • select "entertainment"
  • select "Sound Recorder"
    OK, this is it. Drag your .wav music file onto the window of the sound recorder.
    You most likely only want about 30 seconds Max of this particular song as a ring tone. On most phones, that's all that will play of it. Time to edit out the garbage!

    Now, the reason I had you convert that .mp3 into a .wav is because the sound recorder program only works with .wav.
    If it didn't start playing automaticaly, um...HIT PLAY. Now you get to sit here and beebop, while waiting for your favorite 30 second portion to start playing.
    Keep an eye on the position clock, cause you'll want to know where to start from when your part comes up. When it does, click stop.
    When you are absolutely POSITIVE that there is no portion of the song "in front of" where you currently other words, do some tweaking and adjusting, untill you have got it to start playing at your special spot...
  • click Edit
  • select "Delete Before Current Position"
  • click "yes, i wanna friggin delete that part", my own words heh heh

    Now you have your start point. Notice that the position clock has gone back to 0.00 seconds.
    Go ahead and hit play. Listen to your new ring tone. You want to stop it at exactly thirty seconds. If you stop it early, your ringtone will start to "loop" when someone calls you. If you stop it too late, you will never hear past the 30 seconds any way.
    Gee, I hope you got all of that ringtone you wanted cramed into that 30 seconds! lol You can even use this little piece of software to combine and mix different things together to create your own very special ringtone. Perfect for when you're sporting your new helmet and licking every window in reach.
    OK, back on topic...Once you have the music stoped on the 30 second mark, do pretty much the same thing you did last time...
  • click Edit
  • select "Delete AFTER Current Position"
  • click "yes, i wanna frigging delete that part", my own words heh heh (isn't copy/ paste wounderful?!)

    There. You now have your ringtone. Depending on whatever music file your particular cellular device uses, you can convert your new ringtone to suit it's needs with the Quick Media Converter.
    Now run off, my child. Live your own life. Forget to call or right...and I'm not doing your damn laundry any more!!!

    make ringtones with Windows Vista

    I fell asleep coding the last 2 miles of text. I'll get to you poor Vista bastards later. G'night...