How to RIP .mp3's

You need the 'downloadhelper' extension for the FireFox browser.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of FireFox (version at time I typed this shit out). after firefox restarts, click Tools/Add ons/extensions.
  • Find and download the DownloadHelper extension
    ***now you will be able to download .mp3's***
    *****How to use DownloadHelper*****
    Go to a website that has music playing on it. examples would be, yahoo music, web casts, walmart music. One I use often is
    This particular website lets you search for music. Once you have found the song you are looking for, click the "play" button on that song.
    While the music is actually playing, right click on the web page itself.
    select 'Downloadhelper'
    downloadhelper will show you a list of the items you are now able to download. If a movie is playing on that webpage, you can own it. Refer to "how to download flash movies".
    The music you are currently listening to will be in this list. It may not go by the same name. If the song is "Love is on the Way", by Saigon Kick, it might be labeled as 18363957web just as an example
    **side note** if you are listening to a bunch of different music, picking the ones you want to download, the last song you listened to, or are still listening to, is at the bottom of the list.
    Select the file you want to downlaod. It will ask you if you would like to rename it. You most likely do.
    ***VERY IMPORTANT*** If you are downloading a .mp3 file, you have to name it as such.
    example: Love is on the Way      WRONG!!!
    example: Love is on the Way.mp3      CORRECT!!! own it. Locate your dwhelper folder, and there are your downloads. Now you own all the music you can find, and it didn't cost you anything!

    Stealing is illegal. This website is just a source of information.
    Common disclaimer: Scooby does not condone any kind of theivery. Scooby is not holding a gun to your head. And apparently Scooby refers to himself in the third person.