About Scooby
Last Updated: 4/5/07

Quote 1 From Scooby: "One's past makes them who they are, but only the present defines who they are."--ScoobyLew

Quote 2 From Scooby:"Paying attention is cheaper than paying the consequences."--ScoobyLew

ScoobyLew was born on Father's Day 1978 and raised by a single mother in Connecticut. If I was exceptional at anything, it was learning everything, and using none of it. I got my first guitar when I was about ten years old. I also started off with free-style martial arts around middle school. Nothing special came of those things till later. In trade school, I learned house wiring, then electronics theory. I joined the army infantry in July of '97, and loved it. One fatefull day, and for no good reason, a sargeant said "What's up, ScoobyLew?" The name stuck, and I've grown attached to it. I served in Operation Desert Fox (Kuwait/Iraq police action, Christmas 1998). (50,000+ Iraqis now chillin with Ala). Don't worry. I think the only person that remembers it is my mom. "hi mom!" I've got my ugly mug on a couple post cards from that conflict with my M1A2 ODS BFV crew floating around out there somewere.

I can be found @ facebook.com/marklewis24
If you have an XBOX Live account, you'll most likely find me playing Gears of War.
Who will I be playing with you ask? Why, my friends in the ART OF WAR Clan of course. The ART OF WAR Clan started with 2old2play.com, an on-line gaming community brought together by the simple fact that we're way too old to be playing these childish games ;)-